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Bureau at a glance

The Bureau of Naviks (BUVIK) established in 1981 and functioning under the Directorate of Personnel, Coast Guard Headquarters, New Delhi with logistic support from Coast Guard Regional Headquarter (West).Bureau located in CABS building at Mankhurd, Mumbai.

Latest Uploads

  • Aug-2016 SOE available on EP interface.

    Form 16 For 2015-16 available on EP interface.

    ATP - 2016-17 available on unit interface.

    Promotion order acknowledgement DPC-01/2016 available on unit interface.

    List of EPs who had drawn TA/DA/LTC advance and not submitted the claim is available in EP/Unit interface under download menu.

    Course letters available on Unit Interface

    CPOM 'Q' 28 Nov 2016

    POL 'Q' 28 Nov 2016

    LEMP 'Q' 28 Nov 2016

    LEMR 'Q' 28 Nov 2016

    CHELP 'Q' 11 Nov 2016

    CHELR 'Q' 11 Nov 2016

    RP I 'Q' 24 Oct 2016

    CPO(M) I 'Q' 24 Oct 2016

    POL 'Q' 24 Oct 2016

    PO(STD) 'Q' 10 Oct 2016

    LME 'Q' 03 Oct 2016

    POL 'Q' 19 Sep 2016

    SPO 'Q' 19 Sep 2016

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